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A site designed to help you with IoT - whether you are totally new to the subject or a seasoned designer waiting to go to fab.
Including a National LoRaWAN Network for Wales.

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What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT)



Meeting No 10 1st August, 2019.
Tickets: here

Meeting No 9 20th June, 2019.
Tickets: here

Progress on our Air Quality Monitors, LoRaWAN, The Things Network developments, Arwain and Vodaphone step into the lions den with their view of 5G .
Bristol and Bath IoT Meetup
20th May, 2019

Geolocation 1

Geolocation 2

UK TTN Conference 2019 Reading UK October 2019 Tickets here

Connected SMART Cities Conference Relive January 2019

Review here

TTN Conference 2019

Relive here

Cardiff Overhead

How SMART is Cardiff?

Reading Community

Training Dates & Centres

Tickets for training dates at centres in your area.

2017 Program Completed

2017 Program Completed

2017 Program Completed

2017 Program Completed

2017 Program Completed


Open Air

Our project streams real-time information to your pc, phone or database.


There is no 'S' in IoT but useful links:-

UK government publications
The Government's Code of Practice for Consumer Internet of Things (IoT) Security for manufacturers, with guidance for consumers on smart devices.


Contacting the unSMART has been just one of our challenges of the last few months. We are pleased that this has now been recognised in the Institute of Welsh Affairs' report on 'Our SMART Region'.

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